Acupressure / Naturopathy

Experience the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine with no needles. Using fingertips to connect with acupoints to improve blood circulation and flow of vital energy, Which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself from physical pain , mental, emotional or spiritual. 30 mins 60$ Insurance receipts available By appointment only

Kenjutsu Classes

The kenjutsu course is a discipline in martial arts that is part of the teaching of the Samurai. kenjutsu , which means “sword technique”, is a very ancient discipline taught by a recognized master. Only authorized masters can offer the kenjutsu course and thus transmit their techniques of kenjutsu , inspired by the era of …

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Samurai Classes

The Koryukan School, located in LaSalle, offers a variety of martial arts classes including Samurai classes . These lessons are inspired by Samurai techniques used by feudal warriors in Japan; those warriors who were once called “Samurai”. Shihan Medhat Darwish Koshin is 12th generation Shihan from the lineage of Miyamoto Musashi, founder of Heiho Niten …

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