Kenjutsu Classes

Cours de kenjutsu

The kenjutsu course is a discipline in martial arts that is part of the teaching of the Samurai. kenjutsu , which means “sword technique”, is a very ancient discipline taught by a recognized master. Only authorized masters can offer the kenjutsu course and thus transmit their techniques of kenjutsu , inspired by the era of warriors in Japan.

The kenjutsu course is taught in a koryū ( school specializing in ancient martial arts) . The kenjutsu course offered by the Koryukan school, is taught by Shihan Medhat Darwish is 12th generation Shihan from the lineage of Miyamoto Musashi, founder of the school strategy of the two sabers Heiho Niten Ichi Ryu.

teaching kenjutsu course

This course, which has been taught for over 15 years by Sensei Darwish, has made it possible to retransmit these ancient techniques and to keep alive this specialization that is the teaching of kenjutsu .

The technique of the kenjutsu course refers to Japanese fencing; she therefore uses the sword or saber in combat. It is practiced using the bokken , a wooden sword, whose shape promotes balance, concentration, coordination and precision in movement.

It is with the help of kata that the teaching of the kenjutsu course is transmitted to the student. The kata being a set of codified movements, drawn from the previous experiences of the combatants.

The goal of teaching kenjutsu is not only the effectiveness of the techniques of the kenjutsu course but also the effective transmission of this discipline.

The techniques of the kenjutsu course are aimed at both adults and younger children (i.e. from the age of 6). This is a discipline taught to martial arts enthusiasts and those interested in teaching from the Samurai generation.

It should be remembered that the ambition and the duty of these schools, which teach the techniques of kenjutsu , are to pass their knowledge on to the next generation.

So here is the importance of having recourse to courses of kenjutsu whose teaching is directed by a master in ancient martial arts, which is the case of the Koryukan school in LaSalle.

For any information or to visit our premises, come and meet us at Koryukan School; the benchmark for kenjutsu courses.

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