Samurai Classes

Cours de Samourai

The Koryukan School, located in LaSalle, offers a variety of martial arts classes including Samurai classes . These lessons are inspired by Samurai techniques used by feudal warriors in Japan; those warriors who were once called “Samurai”.

Shihan Medhat Darwish Koshin is 12th generation Shihan from the lineage of Miyamoto Musashi, founder of Heiho Niten Ichi Ryu two sword strategy school, perpetuates the teaching of the Samurai course , this discipline exercised by Miyamoto Musashi, one of Japan’s greatest revered Samurai.

The teaching of the Samoura course ï continues to inspire martial arts enthusiasts. The same goes for professions where self-defense is required.

Thanks to the techniques of Samurai Course , learn the art of self-defense without requiring great physical strength. How? ‘Or’ What ? By effective techniques aimed at immobilizing your opponent.

Who are these Samurai classes for? For those interested in martial arts, self-defense as well as anyone wishing to engage in physical activity aimed at balancing body and mind. The combination of these two elements prove to be an additional strength in stressful situations. Indeed, Samurai classes offered by the Koryukan School, reinforce self-control allowing to overcome any stressful situation.

Teaching the Samurai course

The teaching of the Samurai course , whose premise is to control aggression without causing injury, is a method which encompasses many aspects of the person. Through a holistic approach, which uses both the mind and the body, the Samurai course helps its followers to master their physical and mental strength. This activity is also part of any personal development process.

The techniques of Samurai class thus promote balance, motor skills, coordination of movements as well as concentration. It is also an interesting discipline for people with a concentration disorder, especially children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The Koryukan School, with the excellence of its Samurai classes , offers a nice alternative to those people wishing to improve their concentration.

Different techniques are studied during teaching of the course Samurai including among others: self-control, accuracy of movements, motor skills, use of the sword (in wood), immobilization, disarmament, striking techniques, etc.

Call on a school whose excellence in Samurai classes is backed by the experience of a Master in the field, Sensei Medhat Darwish, who has been teaching the art of Samurai for 15 years.

Come and discover a discipline in martial arts that will promote your development while strengthening your self-defense abilities. Come meet us at Koryukan School; the benchmark for Samurai classes .

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