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Inscription Summer Session 9/06/2017

Sign up today for the Summer Session to learn the techniques of the samurai.... Inscription for all beginning 9/06/2017 Summer Session 20/06/2017 to 11/09/2017 Aiki Jujutsu... Bo Jutsu Kenjutsu Iaido Specialized classes also available (add, ADHD, Autism). The studies provide an that a complex physical activity, such as the martial arts, strengthens the connections of…
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Egypt Seminar Dec 2016

Iai!AvSFht0Amq7Yk10K5oFVHmhQPnfd   Kenjutsu!AvSFht0Amq7Yk14zELeyyj8hkRhs   Jujutsu!AvSFht0Amq7Yk1_WVnrmRUR1cJfT    
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Escaping & Controling techniques

Escaping techniques!AvSFht0Amq7YhwnFMu80dv6RrL4m Controling techniques!AvSFht0Amq7Yhnq5h_sPHUmyy0bp Controling techniques 2 group!AvSFht0Amq7Yhn8z4KBJTNe18wJV  
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