Re-Opening Plan 6/07/2021

We are extremely happy to announce some positive and exciting news for the first time in a while. We will be re-opening the center for in person group classes starting Tuesday July 6th. We will be offering classes every Tuesday and Thursday at the following times :
Children : 6pm to 7pm
Adults : 7pm to 9pm
Classes must be reserved as soon as possible and will not be interchangeable for the time being as number of participants is currently limited. Inscription will be monthly as well for the moment.
The cost will be as follows:
Children : 100$/month
Adults : 130$/month
We will be strictly following the government health guidelines and will update you with the most current rules before the in person classes begin.
Please note if you are interested in Private classes please message us.
***For those of you that are currently following Zoom classes please note that the last class will be Tuesday June 28th. Also please note there will be no Zoom class on Thursday, June 24th(St-Jean Holiday)
Thanks again for all your support!
Keep safe and looking forward to seeing you all very soon.
Centre Samourai Koryukan