To control aggression without inflicting injuries is the art of peace


Learn the perfect self-defense that doesn't require any physical strength to execute.

Samurai Bōjutsu (棒術)

translated from Japanese as “staff technique”.Bōjutsu is one of the core elements of classical martial training.

Samurai Iai (居合)

Iai is the practice of drawing with the smooth controlled movements of the sword from its scabbard or saya, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.

Samurai Kenjutsu (剣術)

Kenjutsu (剣術) is Japanese swordsmanship, Kenjutsu, which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan, means “the method, or technique, of the sword.”

Samurai Aiki Jujutsu (合気柔術)

Ai means to meet or harmony
Ki is the life energy that animates all living things
Ju means flexible or non resistant
Jutsu means an art
What we do

Koryukan is an international organization Founded by Sensei Medhat Darwish with it’s Hombu dojo in Montreal ,Canada

Personal development center through the study of martial arts

Experience the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine with no needles…..

Sensei Medhat Darwish has embodied the art of Daitoryu Aiki-jujutsu which is clearly seen through his movement. His comprehension is clearly built upon years of solid research and investigation along with practical and relevant principles to demystify the concepts in order to create high performing practitioners in the art. Sensei Darwish is a fantastic resource for all instructors and martial artists.

Donald York

A great way to keep refining your techniques, on a daily basis, when outside of the Dojo with a Master right in your own home. Thank you Sensei Darwish!

Aaron Braganza

Over my 40 years in the martial arts, I have investigated many instructors and styles both in person and via study. Shihan Darwish demonstrates a rare ability to teach detail in easy-to-understand style. As a Master-Teacher in the public education system, pedagogy is a field-of-knowledge of mine; recognizing Darwish sensei teaches like a person who wants others to learn. He cares, is compassionate and revisits his teachings to ensure the audience/student ‘gets’ the lesson. I would highly recommend anyone interested in pursuing the koryu arts to study under Medhat sensei.

A.J. Dowla

Shibucho of Usagi Jinja Také dojo -Také-den Bujinkan ninjutsu

Excellent videos. The camera is as close while still showing the full body. This, combined with the different angles and clean focus, allows a clear image of the techniques. Nothing flashy, just a good video textbook of the techniques. An excellent source for beginners, who can use it to get a better understanding of the shape of the techniques, as well as for more experienced practitioners who can use is for reference and may notice the smaller details.

David Biron

Un enseignement précieux donné par un professeur consciencieux. Sensei Darwish nous passe ses connaissances avec enthousiasme... ...en s'assurant de la compréhension totale de la chose par ses élèves. Dévoué, patient et compétent. Un enseignant sans son pareil.

Samuel Desfossés

Sensei Medhat Darwish has an incredible amount of experience and wealth of knowledge, That he Is willing to share and allow his students to benefit from.

Criz Gomez

I had the pleasure of Inviting Medhat Darwish Shihan, to my Dojo on two separate occasions, The seminars where for my students and Myself to Gain a better understanding of Daito Ryu in Relation to aikido. The first seminar was so informative and enjoyable , it led to another intensive training seminar this last Dec. 2015 Medhat sensei's enthusiasm is infectious, his unique teaching style and willingness to share his time and information has made converts of my self and many of my students. we look forward to our next seminars and intensive training sessions in the near future as we advance in Daito ryu, Niten Ichi Ryu, and Yamato ryu Bojutsu

Gawad Adham yondan Aikido

Alexandria Aikido - Alexandria Egypt