Koryukan is an international organization Founded by Sensei Medhat Darwish with it’s Hombu dojo in Montreal ,Canada

With the goal to spread and preserve DAITORYU AIKIJUJUTSU ,Yamato Tenshin Ryu Bojutsu and Heiho Niten Ichi Ryu.

Through Seminars or specialized courses for teachers and intensive training National or international.

In order to join our organization please send an e-mail requesting affiliation with brief background.

Name of your dojo if any ,Current rank.


Medhat Darwish – Founder KoryukanMontreal, Canada
Hombu dojo
Montreal, Qc


Mr. Gawad AdhamAlexandria, Egypt
Alexandria , Egypt

Mr. Ziad Amer
Alexandria , Egypt


Mr. Ahmed NassimCairo, Egypt
Cairo , Egypt