Test Daitoryu 19/05/2019

[gallery ids="4903,4902,4904,4905,4906,4907,4913,4912,4911,4910,4909,4908,4915,4914,4916,4917,4918,4919,4925,4924,4923,4922,4921,4920,4926,4927,4928,4929,4930,4931,4937,4936,4935,4934,4933,4932,4938,4939,4940,4941,4942,4943,4944,4945,4946,4947,4948,4949,4950,4951,4953,4954,4955,4952"] Exam DAITORYU AIKIJUJUTSU 3/03/2019 *1 to 4pm Cost : Exam ;  Verify promotion guide for your Kyu /Dan . ***Please note that the children’s classes remain at their regular time. ***Please note that all fees must be paid prior to seminar-exam. *** Please bring a light lunch and water
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The art of the samurai article in (arabic )فن الساموراى .. الدفاع عن النفس بدون خسائر أو إصابات حوار أجرته الإعلامية والكاتبة سحر حسين مع المدرب العالمي مدحت درويش.

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Fundrasier DISCO-Bowling

Fundrasier DISCO-Bowling 1277 Blvd Shevchenko, Lasalle, H8N 1N8 514-366-5105 25$ Adults plus shoe location Kids 15$ plus 2.50$ for shoes ***(Free for kids accompanied by 2 adults)*** June 1st, -7pm to 10pm Help us help the children that do not always have the means. Last year we were able to help 4 children in our…
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