Samurai Aiki Jujutsu (合気柔術)

Aiki Jujutsu (合気柔術) Is a traditional Japanese combative discipline, the essence of the art is contained in the name.

Ai means to meet or harmony
Ki is the life energy that animates all living things
Ju means flexible or non resistant
Jutsu means an art

In Aiki jujutsu we discover an art with which we can master conflict by means of harmonizing with the life energy that animates the opponent.  
 Aiki jujutsu of the great eastern school (Daito Ryu ) is the art we practice and is the perfect self-defense that does not require any physical strength to execute.This martial art was strictly reserved for the upper class samurai and kept a secret until the 80’s. Presently taught to special forces and policemen.
It consists of pinning , throwing and disarming techniques  as well as pressure points and striking  .

It promotes  balance ,concentration ,coordination and proper Samurai  movement and is the art of personal development  .

Starting age:4 years old

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