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Iaidō classes

Iaidō classes Iaidō is the Japanese martial art of drawing the sword from its sheath, striking, and re-sheathing. Practitioners train to respond immediately to an unexpected attack; however, the focus is on individual forms and rarely involves an opponent or partner. Iaidō classes are taught as part of an ancient heritage from a particular school,…
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Daitō ryū Aikibudo classes

Daitō ryū Aikibudo classes In the 9th Century, Emperor Seiwa ensured that his army and private guard were trained as highly skilled combatants. The lineage of classical Daitō ryū Aikibudo classes taught by Shihan Medhat Darwish extends to the martial art practice in which these samourai engaged. Within those ranks, the samourai Minamoto Yoshimitsu advanced…
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Bōjutsu classes

Bōjutsu classes Bōjutsu is an ancient martial art (kobudō) which uses the bō as its weapon of combat and self-discipline. The bō is a staff or pole made of wood or bamboo, close to six feet in length, although it may extend to nine feet. Bōjutsu is a classical martial art which has been in…
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