Fall Inscription

Sign up today for fall session to learn the techniques of the samurai. AIKIJUJUTSU BOJUTSU KENJUTSU... IAIDO     Inscription for all starting  10/09/2015   Fall Session  21/09/2015 to 13/12/2015     Aiki Jujutsu Bo Jutsu Kenjutsu Iaido Specialized classes also available(ADD ,ADHD,Autism). Studies show that a complex physical activity like martial arts strengthens neural networks in…
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Bojutsu DVD

Sensei Medhat Darwish demonstrates 26 suburi. To order the DVD follow the link
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In this DVD Sensei Medhat Darwish demonstrates basic etiquette , Aiki Kenpo and 30 techniques Ikkajo. To order follow the link below  
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