Self Defense Program

Self-defense Program    Analize and prevent an attack.  Distance control Evasion techniques  Striking techniques  Escaping techniques  Joint lock techniques  Defense against weapons Defense against chokes Ground defense  Pressure points  Use of the attacker’s power to control him   Confidence building       

The way to Aiki 16,17/04/2011 with Ozeki Sensei

The way to Aiki Saturday & Sunday April 16th ,17th 2011 With the founder and head master of Daito Ryu Shouyoukan Ozeki Shigeyoshi ,He received Okuden Mokuroku in Daito ryu from Ootsuka Toranosuke Sensei Director& head master Of Daito Ryu Wakeijyuku (Kyushu Branch chief of Soke Takeda Tokimune )