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Exam & Seminar DAITORYU AIKIJUJUTSU 19/11/2017

Exam & Seminar DAITORYU AIKIJUJUTSU March 19th *12hr à 15hr- Seminar- 30$ * Exam (see below) Cost : Exam : Children : 30$ ; Adults : Verify promotion guide for your Kyu. *** Please note that the children’s classes remain at their regular time. ***Please note that all fees must be paid prior to seminar-exam. ***Please…
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Yamato Tenshin Ryu Bojutsu 6th Kyu to Shodan

6th Kyu!AvSFht0Amq7YlB8cIhRiMnZt-V-D     5th Kyu!AvSFht0Amq7YlB46c3RDs-JkYym5 4th kyu!AvSFht0Amq7YlB1EkG0VwBjiFqCl   3rd Kyu!AvSFht0Amq7YlCdsciHZIWBv1izb   2nd Kyu Tasuki free style!AvSFht0Amq7YlCANb_7_t1OAUoyG Bo no senkai!AvSFht0Amq7YlCJk1D7K5-tS-zg6 Tsuki kaeshi,Kaeshi zuki ,Ashibarai!AvSFht0Amq7YlCHtXlPeqMiez-83   Sayu no uchi!AvSFht0Amq7YlCOkti1n8nowAFMG Ashibarai no uchioroshi!AvSFht0Amq7YlCUHaGlFJThCiEj2 Kaeshi uchi    …
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Yamato Tenshin Ryu Bojutsu test 5/10/2017

Exam Yamato Tenshin Ryu Bojutsu Adults 4/10/2017 at 7pm Kids 5/10/2017 a 6pm Test fees Acording to Kyu / Dan list                                                
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